Company Profile

US East is a technology consulting firm dedicated to providing the highest quality professional computer services in the industry for business solutions. As the application of technology has evolved into a competitive tool in the global marketplace, US East has come to the forefront to offer competitive expertise in design and implementation of high performance, multi-protocol, internetworking system environments. Since US East’s inception in 1994, our mission is to provide technical solutions to business problems… while exceeding our Clients’ expectations.

Our focused efforts enable Clients to benefit from blending the strengths of our business expertise and command of new technologies with the knowledge base of their organization. By cultivating an active, involved and lasting partnership with our Clients and Consultants, together we deliver outstanding results and long term returns.

We provide thorough needs analysis, implementation, training, and on-going management of information systems. Our team, both technical and managerial, has the experience and skills to meet the needs and challenges of Clients who are Leaders in their field.

With the introduction of Oracle8, we have developed a partnership with a leading strategic technology provider to further enhance our Database and application development. This partnership represents the most important set of enhancements to our database development division since our inception.

US East helps businesses with their most critical needs: managing information so that it is reliable, secure, and accessible to the right people, at the right time; harnessing the power of internet technology to help them lead in the ever-changing competitive landscape.

Whether supporting a Client’s staff or executing total project responsibility, the approach of US East is one that blends practicality with technical aptitude in order to efficiently reach the Clients’ goals, be it the planning and design stage, installation or technical support.

US East maintains a close rapport with the Client to maximize work force productivity and to remain sensitive and responsive to Client companies’ needs. We believe that technical qualifications as well as inter-personal working skills are equally important in providing superior consulting services at a competitive rate.

To optimize our performance with Client organizations, US East has developed into six functional entities which are described below.

Our Services…

NeTel – Networks and Telecommunications

US East is eminently qualified in the designing, implementing and internetworking data communications and networks from electronic mail to sophisticated real-time distributed processing systems. The NeTel group is talented in analyzing and designing efficient networks, including voice and data with advanced fault isolation techniques and performance fine-tuning. Our resources are dedicated to building and supporting large scale, multi-platform networks which requires optimal architecture design that expands the technology envelope. The timely delivery of data can make or break a business and how well your network operates may well determine the success of your business

(See – A Menu of US East NeTel Services)

SPG – Systems and Programming Group

This group addresses the system development spectrum and is skilled at assisting our Clients in any phase of a system’s life cycle, from planning and technical specs to installation, testing and support. Our SPG staff is competent in implementing quality systems in the client/ server or midrange-computer environments with emphasis on relational databases, across platforms, particularly Oracle. Information is the key to success. How an organization delivers information to its users and customers is a determining factor for overall productivity.

Rollout – Rollout services

You’ve assessed your business needs, designed your new IT infrastructure, and planned the overall deployment of your Windows NT solution. You are about to integrate this solution into your production environment. Now is not the time to go it alone.

(See – What is a “Roll Out”)

Needs – Needs Analysis

Many sales organizations appear to be running quite well while in reality having tremendous latent potential. As they say, being in the forest makes it’s hard to see the trees. As a manager you may feel reasonably good about how your group is performing, and because it has performed that way for so long everyone else is happy as well. This comfort level is not always justified.

(See – What is “Needs Analysis”)

DOCS – Documentation Services

Our DOCS staff is adept at writing non-redundant, easy to understand, user guides and procedure-manuals, as well as documenting standards, systems, programs and networks

ProPlay – Professional Placement

ProPlay provides personalized service to satisfy Client needs with respect to technical abilities as well as personal skills for both permanent and temporary assignments.